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Syrian Government Forces Kill over 1200 Citizens in Two Weeks of Ramadan



Ramadan is a month of great holiness to Muslims all over the world. Many parties, including the Syrian political opposition, offered a truce to government forces. However, government forces turned down all of these propositions.
Government forces completely disrespected the holy month of Ramadan. SNHR documented in two weeks of Ramadan the killing of 1262 citizens, as follows:
847 civilians, including 107 children and 100 women (approximately every hour, a child is killed by government forces)
442 armed opposition fighters
On average, 91 are killed each day, and four Syrian citizens are killed by government forces every hour.
This huge number of civilians, especially women and children, who are being killed is an explicit indicator on the continued and systematic killing and shelling.
The more glaring evidence, however, is the victims who died due to torture inside the Intelligence branches, as 100 citizens died due to torture -seven per day- which is a blatant indicator that torture operations are systematically ongoing.

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