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Injuries and patients who were killed because of besiege and prevented medicine


Syrian Government is of the few remaining government in the world that prevent the work of relief organizations on its territory, not just human rights organizations and international media, but even relief organization that has nothing to do with political reality.

Syrian Government not just settled with this systematic act on wounded and patients’ rights, but they make Government troops and security forces to complete this ring on the ground, and imposed besiege on the patients, violating all related international laws and should be taking into accounts by all parties.

We don’t want to point out in this report about the systematic aggressive method followed by Syrian Government inside governmental hospitals which lot of them turned to security centers and places of torturing patients, and in some cases execute them, we will not talk about doctors that Government troops killed and arrested, we will deal with this issues later in other reports, but we would like to notify that we have statistics with name figure out the kill of at least 92 physicians with different specializations and the arrest of at least 750 physician, still in prisons to the time we make this report, not to mention that at least 52 paramedics including 23 for Syrian Red Crescent, and the arrest of 17 other from SRC.

Government forces also killed at least 66 pharmacists, most of them killed while contributing in relief activity.

Since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution at least 1800 citizens lost their life, cause government and security forces prevented them to arrive to the hospital, which led to slow and painful death.

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