Government forces Kills more than 2100 citizens (1433 civilians and 671 armed opposition elements) during Three Weeks of Ramadan


The number of dead persons of civilians and free army during 21 says of Ramadan
Ramadan is a scared month for Muslims around the world. Many appeals of truces were offered by many parties including Syrian political opposition, but they were refused by government forces.
The report:
Government forces didn’t care about this blessed month as SNHR recorded the death of 2104 civilians during three weeks of Ramadan, which are distributed as follows:
– 1433 civilians including 233 children, and 172 women (government forces kills about 11 children every day) and 131 civilians died due to torture including two children.
– 1016 armed opposition elements
In a rate of 100 individuals a day. 5 Syrian civilians were killed every hour at the hand of government forces.
The fall of this great number of civilians, in particular children and women, is a stark evidence of the consonant systematic killing and bombardment.

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