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Besieging neighborhoods in Aleppo


syria, aleppo, siegeAleppo is the second biggest governorate in Syria, and it’s the economical capital of Syria, Syrian armed oppositions controlled the entire Eastern Area in Aleppo in 27/7/2013:

The areas that controlled by Armed Opposition:

BustanAlqasr, Kalasah, Sukari, Ferdos, Maadi, Bab Alnasr, Bab Alhadid, Bab Alnerb, Qaselah, Seven Pools, Aqaba, Old markets, Salhine, Marjah, KarmAlqsr, KarmAltahan, Qaterji,  KarmAljazamati, Mashatia, ShikhKhuder, Sakhour, Myasar, KadiAskar, Zabdiah, Salah Aldin, Mashahad, America, Hanano, Haidaria, Ashrafia, Sheikh Maksoud, Halak and BustanBasha.

Areas that controlled by Syrian Regime and affected by besiege:

Zahraa, New Aleppo, Alneel street, Shahbaa, Mokambo, Mirdiane, Mohafazah, University, Jamiliah, Slimaniah, Aziziah, Baghdad station, Midan, Masharqa, Faid, Hamadaniah, Furqan, Hamidiam and SlimanAlhalabi.

Government Forces imposing besiege more that opposition forces, where they controlled five crossings:

Damascus- Aleppo highway



Shikh Said

Khanaser Road- defense Plants

While armed oppostions control one crossing, which is Karaj Alhajz, only for pedestrian, cars and trucks can’t cross through.

There is Alshikh Roz crossing reachesbetweem Quick riverbanks, one of its bank located in Alhalk neighborhood and controlled by government forces, and the other bank is in ShikhMaksoud neighborhood controlled by armed opposition on Friday 29/3/2013.

Free Syrian Army closed Karaj Alhajz crossing in 3/6/2013, which connect between eastern and western areas in Aleppo, they did it because government troops and Shabiha steal all relief aids that arrived to the eastern areas, which is the poorest and exposed to shelling and destruction.

Leader from FSA told us that they had to close it because the spread of government troops’ snipers near the crossing and targeting every one come close.

This story supported by the kill of 74 citizen in the area by Government forces’ snipers; including 12 women , and more than 398 get injured and transferred to field hospitals, according to SNHR statistic and documentations in Aleppo governorate.

This is a stark evidence of targeting civilians, because the sniper exactly know that the target is women, among the victims there are two children:

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