Targeting Hospitals in Syria Figurers and Facts

hospitalGovernment troops daily shelling since 2011 and so far with various types of weapons caused the damage of almost 3 million buildings (houses, school, hospital, mosques, churches ) 800.000 of them are totally destroyed, random and deliberate shelling targeted hospitals in addition to lootings and systematic sabotage caused the stop work 45% of the hospital in Syria, the rest 55% are either partially works (15 %), or works in good manner (40%).
There are almost 390 private hospitals in Syria and 124 Government hospitals, Raqqa governorate considered the most damaged when it became out of Syrian regime’s control, they started shelling it with huge number of Scud missiles leading to destroy large number of hospitals and stop functioning, SNHR estimation according to field visit shows that 75% of Raqqa hospital stopped working.
Government troops turned many schools, mosques, churches into military barracks; they did the same terrible act against hospital, where they put snipers on the roofs so it turned to military headquarters.