bombardment, killing, siege and storming Al Nabak city by government forces and its pro militias

Beit Sahem in Rif Dimashq

Al Nabek city located in Rif Dimashq, north of the Capital, south of Al Nabek the town of Yabroud, to the north the town of Deir Attiya, and as a military location it is located between the Brigade 18 from the south and the air force, Military Security, and the Radio School from the west and from the north east the Radar, which the city is completely surrounded by the Syrian government forces
Al Nabek role was limited to hosting the wounded of the nearby towns until it was controlled by the armed opposition members.
After the armed opposition controlled it and as the government forces policy they punished all the residents, as ther shelled Al Nabek since January 20, 2013, and then they imposed a siege on the city on January 24, 2013 which included cutting of electricity water and food supplies also gas and medications completely, and the government forces (Army, Security Forces, Local and Foreign Shiites Militias) shelled Al Nabek with warplanes SSM missiles and interstitial missiles and this shelling continued for 21 days causing a huge damages and loses of lives as the armed opposition left the town in result of it.

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