Syria death toll in 2013

more than 40.000 victims killed by government forces 34949 are civilians including 4344 children, and 2921 ladies 1609 victims tortured to death

Death toll

Syrian Network for Human Rights is an independent of any government, political ideology, depends in documenting incidents on more than 100 members deployed in all of the Syrian provinces, in addition to direct contacts with cooperative Syrian activists to document human rights violations.
SNHR’s Methodology: We strive to apply very accurate criteria and standards of documentation that amount to the international standards.
SNHR is a prime dependable hand in documenting deaths of Syrian conflicts in the United Nations, as it is a major source for human rights violations and victims affected by the ongoing conflicts in Syria for many Arab and International stations and news agencies.
Fadel Abdulghany: is SNHR’s founder, chairman, and the main spokesman.

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