Barrel Bombs in Syria… Blind bombs for kill and destruction

Barrel Bombs in Syria Syrian Regime used barrel bombs, which is a bomb has two types either in cement mold or solid metal mold, equipped with push fan in the back and detonator in the top, the barrels explode after being dropped, where the fuse ignites when it hits the target, It has different capacities may reach almost 500 Liter, has hooks on the sides help to lift it and put it in military aviation.
It stuffed with TNT, oil, it designed to set fire in a wider area, and chunks of steel are added in order to be fragments, it caused material damages, varying injuries like burnings, and may the loss of body parts, if the victim is a child or close to the site it may led to kill them, not to mention the pressure of explosion, and the huge bang sound.

They use military aviation to shell those barrels, Syrian regime use it because they cost much less than the cost of the missiles, and have great destructive effects, it depends of the principle of free-fall , where its weight may exceed sometimes quarter ton.
Syrian Network for Human Rights consider bombed barrels as random weapons aimed to indiscriminate kill and destruction, According to a survey conducted by SNHR in all of the Syrian governorate since the beginning of the Syrian revolution to the time we prepared this report, government forces used more than 1370 bombed barrels led to kill more than 947 citizens including more than 189 children, more than 95% of the killed are civilians which is a strict evidence that these weapons are random aimed just to kill.

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