Kidneys’ patients die in Raqqah governorate

In Raqqah there are six government hospitals: all working but poor in medical potentials and medicines:
1- National hospital, 2- Obstetrics hospital, 3- Polyclinics, 4- Thalassemia, 5- Health care ( provided vaccines ), 6- Tuberculosis Center.
National hospitals is the most important one, has been shelled twice by Assad’s warplanes, it led to destroy the intensive care room that contains 12 beds.

SNHR documented from September, 2013 to January 2014, at least 64 death cases in Dialysis Section including a child and 13 ladies, the section contain 27 devices only 11 of them are working and this is a very few number comparing with number of patients, almost 100 patients rotate daily on those devices, which led to reduce number of session for each patient from 3 sessions to 2 sessions per week.
Compounding the situation worse is that desalination plant in the city had crashed for more than one month in addition to fantastical raise in medicines price, 5 liters of the material used in sterilizing dialysis machines while the price of epoetin injection which used in raise hemoglobin to reduce the quantity of blood transferred to the patient reached 3500 Syrian Pounds.

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