Most Prominent massacres committed by government forces against civilians in 2013

massacresAs well known among human rights activists, there are many definitions of the massacre, but the most common one is the mass murder for more than 5 persons or more unable to defend themselves in specific place and time.
If we apply this definition of the daily mass killings committed by government forces, we would count at least 3 to 4 massacres a day, that is mean government forces led by Bashar Al-Assad have committed at least 1300 massacres in 2013, all of them recorded day to day by Syrian Network Human Right’s daily operation in documentation causalities.
These massacres led to kill more than 24000 civilian victims of more than 33000 the civilian victims toll in 2013, most of them killed by the 24 hours shelling on different Syrian governorates, using Scud missiles, barrel bombs throw from Helicopters, MIG’ missiles, artillery shelling, mortar shelling, chemical weapons, and filed executions usually by shot in head, slaughtering by knifes in many sectarian massacres and ethnic cleansing as those in Baniyas of Tartous and Jdidt Alfadl of Damascus countryside.
Syrian Network for Human Right’s chairman and founder Fadel Abdulghani said” Security council of United Nations didn’t pay any regard to Articles, on which United Nations was grounded as Article 34 and Article 39, remained hostage by Russian- Chinese veto, and didn’t apply Responsibility to Protect principle that was approved by Assembly General in 2005, if these articles wouldn’t applied in Syria, then when and where ??! ”