Victims of Cluster Munitions in Syria

Cluster MunitionsDespite of the fact that more than 112 of the world countries condemned, through a decision taken by the UN general Assembly, the Syrian government for using cluster munitions against its people, this government continued disdaining the international community by hitting dozens of new places with these munitions. More than 70 percent of the sites targeted are civilian areas and most of the victims are children, according to statistics gathered by SNHR. These statistics show that 97 percent of the victims are civilians.

Government forces have used cluster munitions in dozens of areas along 9 governorates, the last of which was during the attacks on Keferzita in the countryside of Hama. These attacks caused the killing of 120 civilians, among them 58 children (48%) and 14 women (12%). This means that a total of 60% of the victims are women and children. Other victims include 48 men and only 3 rebels which constitutes only 2.5 % of the total victims of the attacks.
Three more children were killed in Keferzita recently in a new cluster munitions attack by the government forces.