Government Forces Deliberately Target Mosques and Churches

Government Forces

SNHR contacted Their, ambulance person who took part in aiding the injured, he gave his testimony:
“After we finished Friday prayer and prayers left the mosque between 12.30 and 1 PM, we heard the sound of a massive explosion. After a while we discovered that the source of the explosion was a 120 MM mortar that targeted the mosque.

The target of the shelling was a gathering of civilians who were gathering after Friday prayer. There were no military appearances or members of the Free Syrian Army in the place, though the area in general was under the control of Free Syrian Army, which doesn’t usually appear around.
I went to the aid of the injured. There was an injured child whom I tried to save, but he instantly died because of his injury. I saved another child by giving him a lift on my motorcycle to the closest medical point. He was injured in the leg. I went back to the place to help save the rest of the injured. The total number of the injured was more than 70; lots of them acquired sustainable handicaps. Some were martyred few days later because of their sever injuries.”

Fadel Abdl Ghani, the head of SNHR, says:
“The government forces targeted mosques and churches knowing that they contain civic gatherings. There are strong evidences that the government forces don’t distinguish between civil and military targets; violating, by doing so, the International Common Law and committing what can be considered war crimes.”

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