ISIS and the Syrian regime are threatening Der Ezzor

ISISDer Ezzor has been sieged by ISIS and the Syrian regime for four days after As-Syasiya crossing was closed in the north of the city by ISIS’s snipers who stationed there targeting any civilians’ movement.
Additionally, electricity has been cut off since Sunday after Conoco gas plant was affected by the clashes in Khsham town. This comes after the cut off of both communications and internet services in the few last days with the fear of cutting also water as a way to starve and submit the city by ISIS.
The constant escalations of the clashes in Der Ezzor, with the Syrian regime’s rapid shelling and ISIS’s siege are all putting the civilians in the city under the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe considering the already severe shortage of basic materials and the recent impossibility of importing it due to ISIS’s siege, not to mention the lack of necessary resources to treat the wounded or getting them out.

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