The Syrian chess champion is forcibly disappeared inside the Syrian regime detention centers

dentistDr. Ranya Al-Abbasi, born in 1970, is a dentist who started playing chess since she was a little girl. She was Syria’s and the Arab World’s champion for many years.
On Saturday, 9 March, 2013 about 11 military security’s men raided her home in Dammar neighborhood – Damascus and arrested all her family including her husband Mr. Abdurrahman Yassin, who was born in Tartus on 1969, and her six kids:

Dima Yassin, born in Riyadh in 1999.
Intisar Yasin, born in Riyadah in 2001.
Najah Yassin, born in Riyadah in 2003.
Alaa Yassin, born in Riyadah in 2005.
Ahmad Yassin, born in Riyadah in 2005.
Lyan Yassin (infant) born in Damascus in 2011.

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