Dr. Jalal Noufal and imprisonment during Hafez Al-Assad era and Bashar Al-Assad era

Dr. JalalJalal Noufal, psychiatrist, was arrested from 1983 until 1991 for affiliating to a leftist party. During Bashar Al-Assad’s rule, Dr. Jalal was arrested again in April 2011 by the State Security after the breakout of the Syrian revolution when he participated in a demonstration in Arnous Square in Damascus. He was arrested again in March 2012 from inside his workplace in SARC by the Air Security branch where he stayed for two months and a half. He was arrested for a third time in January 2013 for six months by the branch 215, during that time he was transferred to Adra prison.

Dr. Jalal was released in accordance with the latest presidential amnesty. It should be noted that he was tortured brutally in each of the four times he had been imprisoned (one during Hafez Al-Assad’s rule and three in Bashar Al-Assad’s rule).
Dr. Jalal is a peaceful activist who works in the field of psychological support as he works with civilians at accommodation centers and also trains workers there. Dr. Jalal works for SARC and UNICEF.

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