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The High Commissioner Publishes an Updated List of Deaths in the Syrian Conflict Victims, SNHR is one of its most prominent sources


 List of Deaths in the SyrianThe Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has published yesterday the fourth update of the deaths list in Syria, since the last stop on 13 June 2013. Here, we would thank OHCHR team which works on Syria for their huge efforts done during the last period and for their training, consults, and coordination in aim to relive this important project. We’d also thank our dear partners and fellows in Human Rights Data Analysis Group for their huge efforts in preparing the report and for their persistent coordination to have the bigger amount of information and accuracy.
We would indicate that SNHR is one of the most prominent sources in analyzing conflict victims since 2011 until now, in all the statistics.
We, in SNHR, hope that this list, of 191369 victim, would make a serious pressure on UN Security Council and on the International Community to stop the continuous blood fall since 2011 till now without a stop even for one hour. The murders in charge of killing those victims should be accounted and trialed, and everybody should feel their responsibilities toward the victims and their families, as they are not numbers only.

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