Condemning the kidnapping of UNDOF personnel

BFT689On Wednesday 27 August, 2014 in the morning several armed factions (Bait Al-Maqdes Islamic group, Faloujat Houran brigade, An-Nussra front, Thouar Syria front, Al-Jehad battilions, and Ahrar Ash-Sham movement) attacked sites for the Syrian regime in Al-Qunietra countryside near the border crossing with the occupied Golan Heights. The armed faction managed to take over the border crossing as well as the old Qunietra which is located near the crossing.

On the next day 28 August, 2014, An-Nussra Front solely besieged one of UNDOF headquarters which is located near the ancient parts of Qunietra. Then, An-Nussrea raided the site, and detained the 43 soldiers who were in it. Also, An-Nussra took all the contents of the headquarters including the cars and equipment.

Simultaneously, another Nussra-affiliated troop besieged two other UNDOF headquarters in Ar-Ruwyjinya and Brieqa towns. According to UN sources, there were 83 soldiers in the sieged areas.

On Saturday 30 August, 2014, clashes erupted between An-Nussra front and the UNDOF forces that were stationed near Ar-Ruwyihna while the UNDOF soldiers who were in Al-Brieqa managed to withdraw to Israel. Afterwards, An-Nussra raided the headquarter and seized all the equipment in it.