IS executing Syrian regime soldiers who were arrested as prisoners in Ar-Raqqa is a war crime

ISSNHR methodology doesn’t include counting the causalities of the Syrian regime and IS since both of the two faction prohibit SNHR from working in their territories in addition to pursuing SNHR activists. For more details, please see the other five categories of victims that SNHR documents in our methodology.
The main purpose of this report is to highlight the war crimes that IS perpetrated when it executed tens of Syrian regime soldiers after they were arrested as prisoners in the battles of At-Tabaqa military airbase by the Islamic State. These atrocious violations bring to mind tens of massacres that the Syrian regime used to perpetrate when it raided these areas where rebels and whole families were field-executed. Please see a study published by SNHR about the most prominent massacres perpetrated by the Syrian regime.
It is worth noting that there are no official or unofficial organization that document the causalities of the Syrian regime. The Syrian government haven’t sent any causalities lists since March 2012. The total number of victims reported by the Syrian regime at that time was only 2469 while SNHR reported lists of more than 45,000 victims including civilians who support the Syrian regime as we managed, to a certain extent, to document them unlike the Syrian regime’s military personnel, Shabihas, Syrian militias such as the National Defense Army.

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