The Syrian regime Releases Three Women and Five Men for a Colonel


After nearly two months of negotiations between the Syrian regime, represented by the minister of justice, governor of Damascus, and “Al-Bustan Association” (An association that was founded by Rami Makhlouf, Bashar Al-Assad’s cousin, and it supervises the training and funding of the Syrian militias that fights with the Syrian regime which is called “The National Defense Army”) and “Fursan As-Sunna battalion”, an armed opposition faction, a deal was agreed upon as follows:
The Syrian regime release three women and five men. SNHR found out that the women and men, who has been released, were ordinary citizens who weren’t activists in any field which is something that has been noticed in most of the exchange and truce deals where the Syrian regime releases civilians, who, in some cases, were arrested a few days ago without any charges, just to do the exchange deal.

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