The International Alliance’s Airstrikes Killed 24 Civilians and Destroyed a Number of Vital Buildings

In the same period of time, the Syrian regime killed 1447 civilians

The international alliance started a military campaign against ISIS on 23 September, 2014. On that day, a number of airstrikes were carried out on Ar-Raqqa. These airstrikes targeted the governorate building, At-Tala’e military camp, and the State Security branch in addition to targeting At-Tabaqa military airbase, Tal base city, and Brigade 93 in Ain Eissa town. Also, Der Ezzor was targeted where Al-Bokamal city, located near the Iraqi borders in the east, was shelled as well as some sites for An-Nussra front in Aleppo northern countryside.
Shortly after, ISIS evacuated most of its main centers in Ar-Raqqa and Der Ezzor to relocate. The faction moved to new centers that were located in residential areas and established military checkpoints nearby.
Despite the daily focused bombarding by the international alliance forces against ISIS centers, supplier roads, and oil establishments, the campaign haven’t achieved any notable results on the short run except, maybe, for the relative success in Ain Al-Arab city. Seemingly, the airstrikes weren’t enough although it was accurate and concentrated because it lacked any real coordination with real local efforts on the ground and didn’t address the basic needs of the IDPs who fled from ISIS’s territories when the airstrikes begun. The war on ISIS is progressing only from a military standpoint without achieving any legal or humanitarian results.
What is worse is that the Syrian regime took advantage of the fact that decision-makers and international media were completely focusing on the war against ISIS to recklessly escalate its attacks against the Syrian people since 23 September, 2014. In this period of time, the Syrian regime has used poison gasses three times; twice in Damascus – Joubar neighborhood and once in Damascus countryside – Harasta. Furthermore, SNHR documented the targeting of two schools, two hospitals, two markets, and three mosques by the Syrian regime. Also, the Syrian regime killed, in the same period of time, no less than 1447 civilians including 138 children and 103 women.

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