General Assembly of The United Nations Condemns The Iranian and Syrian Regimes… What happens next?

General Assembly

This is not the first time the General Assembly of the United Nations condemned the Syrian regime as it had done that on many previous occasions. Most notably, when 113 states parties of the General Assembly condemned the Syrian regime’s use of cluster munitions against the Syrian people. Has anything happened with regard to this simple matter in particular??
Yes, what happened was that the Syrian regime is now using cluster munitions more extensively. The Syrian regime is currently the first user of cluster munitions in 2014 according to Landmine and Cluster Munitions Monitor and the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Since December 2011, UNHCR issued, in an emergency special session, a statement condemning the brutal violations of the Syrian regime. On 23 December, 2011 the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria published its first report which stated:” According to the principles of State responsibility in international law, the Syrian Arab Republic bears responsibility for these crimes and violations” The report also noted that these violations were all part of widespread systematic attacks and can be classified as crimes against humanity. Have the international community and the Security Council took action to protect the civilians in Syria based on the report???

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