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Ar-Raqqa, Statistics and Facts between the Syrian Regime and ISIS



ISIS has managed to take over Ar-Raqqa almost completely on 12 January, 2014. From that time until the issuance of Security Council resolution 2170, which was adopted on 15 August, 2014 concerning fighting terrorist factions, we documented only a few attacks by the government forces against Ar-Raqqa. Most of these attacks targeted the residents and vital centers in the city. However, after resolution 2170 was adopted, it looked like the Syrian regime is trying to pretend he is a partner in the war on terror.

Government forces
Since March 2011, government forces have killed no less than 1802 civilians in Ar-Raqqa as follows:
A. from March 2011 until ISIS took over the city on 12 January, 2014, government forces killed 1495 civilians at least including 189 children, 170 women, and seven victims were tortured to death.
B. Since 12 January, 2014 (when ISIS managed to hold the city), SNHR documented that government forces killed no less than 307 including 31 children and 38 women as follows:
From 12 January, 2014 until 15 August, 2014 (Security Council resolution 2170) –seven months- government forces killed 110 people.
Since 15 August, 2014 –less than four months- government forces killed 197 including the civilians who were killed in the horrific massacre on 25 November as we documented up to this moment the killing of 73 civilians. Our ongoing investigations haven’t found any military targets in the area.


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