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1685 people were killed in November 2014


Death Toll for November

Report Details
SNHR documented the death of 1685 people in November 2014, distributed as follows:
First: The government forces
A. Civilians
SNHR documented the death of 1169 people by government forces, including 176 children (6 children a day), no less than 78 women, and no less than 231 under torture (8 deaths under torture a day).
The percent of children and women reached 22% of civilians’ death toll, which is a clear indication of the purposed targeting of civilians by governmental forces.
B. Rebels
Governmental forces killed no less than 266 rebel by shelling operations or during clashes.

Second: Armed groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda (ISIS)
SNHR documented the death of no less than 108 people by ISIS, distributed as follows:
A. Civilians
SNHR documented 57 victims killed by ISIS, including five children and two under torture
B. Rebels
ISIS killed no less than 51 rebels during clashes or by field executions of prisoners.

Third: Armed opposition groups
SNHR documented the death of 70 people by armed opposition, distributed as follows:
A. 53 civilians, including 12 children, seven women, and two under torture.
B. 17 rebels during clashes between groups

Fourth: International coalition forces
SNHR documented the death of 16 civilians, including two children, by international coalition forces.

Fifth: Unknowns
SNHR documented no less than 56 incidents of killing which we were not able to name the side responsible for them.


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