Alliance Forces’ Shelling Kills Civilians in Der Ezzor

Government Forces Have Killed Civilians 80 Times More in the Same Period of Time

Alliance Forces

The alliance forces’ military campaign against Daesh begun on 23 September, 2014. Consequently, Daesh evacuated most of its centers in Ar-Raqqa and Der Ezzor and redistributed its fighters where it used new centers in residential and civil areas and established military checkpoints near these centers.
Since 23 September, alliance forces’ attacks killed no less than 40 civilians including eight children and six women.
In the same period of time:
Government forces killed no less than 3273 civilians including 404 children, 327 women, and 411 victims under torture.
Daesh killed 177 civilians including nine children and two women.
Armed opposition killed 123 civilians including 35 children and 11 women.

It appears that the Syrian government took advantage of the war on Daesh to escalate its brutal attacks against the areas out of its control. The percentage of civilian victims who are killed by indiscriminate attacks exceeds always 80%.
Certainly, there are causalities among Daesh fighters. However, the faction doesn’t publish any statistics and prohibits local media activist from working. Therefore, there is no clear methodology that can be employed to learn accurately the causalities numbers among Daesh fighters which is also the case for the causalities’ numbers of the army, security forces, and mercenaries (Shabiha). Some of the media agencies use illogical statistics to obtain material gains at the expense of objectivity and credibility.