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Toll of Syrian Victims Killed by Extremist Groups


From Supporting Syrians to Killing Them

Extremist Groups

A- Introduction:
When the popular demonstrations started in March 2011, it was for certain demands concerning the Syrian people, demanding freedom, multi-party system, exchange of power, equitable distribution of wealth, and equality between the sects in the aspect of living in dignity, they kept the demonstration claiming their demands even after the protests started being labeled as an internal armed conflict in April 2012, the Syrian have welcomed UN observers according to Mr. Kofi Annan plan, and that happened in the midst of huge crowds in April, May, and June of 2012, as the armed conflict gradually aggravated the demonstration decreased, until it lost its intended effect, as it almost completely stopped on the early 2013.

Since Mach 2011 and until Al-Nusra Front declared their allegiance to Al-Qaeda in January 2012; it had no role in the Syrian scene, but with the expanding of the government forces use of force and committing crimes against humanity and with the almost dead silence of the international community, especially towards the sectarian slaughters, gave legitimacy and compassion of the people with the extremist groups, that came from out of the border, claiming to want to save the people from the infidel ruling regime, and it started expanding and establishing a mass support base.
On April 9, 2013, Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (Levant) known later as ISIS/ISIL by the Syrian community, they declared their existence and made Al-Nusra Front part of the organization, but that was refused by Al-Nusra front who declared allegiance to Al-Qaeda, ISIS started expanding as well, but early after its founding it started violating and harassing local residents, what evolved to wide spread conflicts in the early 2014 that is still ongoing.

Most notable reasons for the people support of extremist groups:
1- The huge amount of crimes committed by government forces
2- International community passiveness and disability to protect the civilians in all Syrian provinces
3- The Security Council resolutions and the alliances concentration on the extremist groups overlooking the Shiite extremist groups that depend on injustice in its speech
4- Some extremist journalist supporting them from some specifically Arab channels, and giving them a wide media cover, and claiming all victories even the ones they barely participate in, what gave it a wide base of people support, and made many Syrians join them, and those journalist must be held responsible according to Security Council resolutions 2170 issued in August 15, 2014 and 2199 issued in February 12, 2015.

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