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More Evidences Proving the International Coalition’s Involvement in the Massacre of Ber Mahli Village


Massacre of Ber Mahli Village

First: The International Coalition Warplanes were Probably Behind the Bombing
Usually, the international coalition warplanes’ airstrikes are accurate and focused. The international coalition targeted six houses directly with no less than six missiles as some of these houses were targeted again after people and medical teams gathered to help the victims and wounded. Furthermore, the International coalition bombing destroyed the targeted house completely and damaged nearby houses as some of them are unstable.

Additionally, we learned from the residents of the area that government forces warplanes have stopped targeting these areas a long time ago. Ceaseless clashes between YPD forces and Daesh are taking place in that area after Daesh was eliminated from Ain Al-Arab “Koubani” city.
The residents didn’t see the warplanes but they heard its voices. They told us that the period of time between each airstrike was about 10-20 times. Also, they said that the sound was noisy which is likely because the high speed of the warplanes that were flying at a low height.

Fadel Abulghani, head of SNHR, says:
“There is no reason for the residents to accuse the international coalition if government forces were the ones behind this massacre. Government forces warplanes perpetrate many massacres everyday specifically through missiles. No one accused the international coalition of perpetrating those massacres. The allegation that Daesh killed those people and then accused the international coalition of killing them is not different than the Syrian government’s allegation that the opposition is killing its fighters in order to provoke a foreign intervention.”

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