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Most Notable Armed Opposition Detention Centers

Detention Centers

This report relies on the information that we gathered from released prisoners who were imprisoned by the armed opposition. We met several former prisoners mostly via Skype. Also, we conducted interviews with local resident and prisoners’ families and we cross-checked the information we obtained from these interviews to reach the highest possible level of credibility and accuracy. Since all the people we interviewed were Syrians, we didn’t need any translators and we informed all the interviewees of the purpose of these interviews and they gave us permission to use this information. None of the interviewees were remunerated for the interviews and some of them even risked their lives and lost money to conduct these interviews. We changed their names for safety concerns and didn’t reveal the time and place of these interviews for the same reason.

Most of the interviews contained similar information. We included six interviews in this report and verified many of the pictures and video footages we received via e-mail, Skype, or on our Facebook page. Some of these pictures and information are published publicly on the web.
In this report we outlined 12 of the most notable detention centers used by armed opposition as follows: four in Aleppo, seven in Damascus, and one in Daraa.
The preparation of this report took three months. However, it does only document the minimum number of cases considering the obstacles we come across in documenting violations especially the lack of security.
Numbers of detainees and torture victims are based on SNHR archive. SNHR has been updating its archives daily since 2011 through daily monitoring and recording. All the names are documented by name, date, picture, and other evidences. Also, we send updates to rapporteurs concerned with torture cases, enforced disappearance, and arbitrary arrest on a weekly basis.

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