2223 Victims Killed in May 2015

The Death Toll of May 2015

Prisoners get executed

A. Government forces

SNHR documented the killing of 1713 victims at the hands of government forces as follows:
1- Civilians:
Government forces killed 1381 victims including 236 children (averagely eight children a day) and 186 women. Also, 82 victims were tortured to death (averagely three victims were tortured to death per day).
31% of the total number of civilian victims were children and women which indicates blatantly that government forces are deliberately targeting civilians,
2- Gunmen
Government forces killed 332 gunmen by bombing or during clashes.
B. PYD forces
Killed 14 civilians including four children and four women

C. Extremist groups
305 victims were killed by extremist groups:
Daesh killed 301 victims as follows:
1- Civilians
197 civilians, including nine children and eight women, were killed by Daesh
2- Gunmen
104 gunmen were killed during clashes with armed opposition faction or by executing prisoners
An-Nussra Front killed four victims as follows:
1- Civilians
Killed four civilians including a child and one victim who was tortured to death
2- Gunmen
No cases were recorded

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