A Wake-up Call: Arab Countries Have to Host More Syrian Refugees

Arab Maghreb countries are the worst to host Syrian Refugees

More Syrian Refugees

The High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) announced that the number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries has increased to 4 million. However, the estimations of Syrian Network for Human Rights are much greater since thousands of refugees are not registered at the UNHCR. The Commission stated that Turkey alone hosts almost half of the Syrian refugees, since it pursues an open-door policy regarding the Syrian crisis and it expects a new influx of refugees.

By contrast, a number of Arab countries impose tight restrictions on hosting Syrian refugees, not mentioning that refugees in these countries are continuously harassed. Egypt, for example, under President Sisi, demanded Syrian refugees to have visa entries and deported dozens of them. Further, Arab Maghreb countries host a limited number of Syrian refugees, estimated by few thousands. They impose tight restrictions and measures on Syrians, even those who are highly qualified and wish to enter their lands. Some Arab countries even refuse to issue visa entries for refugees’ relatives. Subsequently, it has become impossible for Syrians to obtain employment contracts in Arab countries.

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