An Open Letter to the EU Leaders

Pressure Rouhani to Withdraw Fighting Iranian Militias from Syria

the EU Leaders

Sending Iranian militias to fight in Syria have not stopped since the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani on 4 August 2013. Those sectarian militias supported the Syrian regime in committing crimes against humanity and war crimes, which were discussed in earlier reports; “Shiite Fighting Militias in Syria” and “Unseen Massacres”. Therefore, according to the International Humanitarian Law, The Syrian regime along with the current Iranian regime, are involved in the crimes against humanity and war crimes in Syria.

The Iranian regime’s support was not restricted to sending fighting militias to Syria, but it was accompanied with public and sectarian incitement. Iraqi and Lebanese Shiite militias were encouraged to head to Syria, support the Assad regime in several ways, and ignite sectarian grudges in the region.
The Iranian regime also supported the Syrian regime financially, politically and economically. All these factors effectively motivated the Syrian regime to decline any political solution and pushed it commit more massacres, arrests, destruction and displacement against its own residents.

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