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The Syrian Regime Uses Chemical Weapons again and Insults the Security Council for a 137th Time


137 Uses of Chemical Weapons after Security Council Resolution 2118

Chemical Weapons

On Monday 6 September 2016 around 1:30 PM, government forces helicopters dropped a barrel bomb loaded with poison gases near “Wafaa Kharsa” pharmacy in Al Sukkari neighborhood, Aleppo city. We documented the killing of one individual, Mohammad AbdulKarim Afifa, in that attack while no less than 80 others were injured showing symptoms such as suffocation and shortness of breath.

SNHR contacted a number of residents who witnessed the bombardment incident (some of them suffered breathing difficulties), they told us about the symptoms they saw on the injured such as suffocation, red eyes, limbs tremoring which was also confirmed by the pictures and videos we received and have stored.

With adding the Sukkari neighborhood attack to the violations of the Security Council we monitored in previous report, most recently: “139 Violations of the Security Council Resolution and the Criminal is still in Power”, the total number of violations of Resolution 2118, adopted on 27 May 2013 has reached 137 at least including 68 violations of Resolution 2209, adopted on 6 March 2015.

This attack demonstrates what has been proven over and over again and that is the Syria regime has absolutely no regard for the Security Council, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, the CWC, the international humanitarian law, the American President Barrack Obama’s red line, or the Russian promises that supposedly guaranteed that the Syrian regime will not use chemical weapons again. The Syrian regime has become since 2011 a criminal regime that is fully willing to utilize all the state’s resources and finances to kill and destroy the Syrian people and the Syrian state for the sake of staying in power no matter the cost.

The international community and Security Council has to end the Syrian regime façade and put an end to its violations that surpassed many rogue regimes in the modern age not to mention that what happened since 2011 can only be seen as a green light and also a complete awareness of what the Syrian regime’s response would be after the breakout of the Syrian uprising.

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