Last Two Hospitals in their areas in Damascus Suburbs Rendered out of Commission following a Bombing by the Syrian Regime

The Syrian and Russian Regimes Targeting Medical Personnel and Centers Goes back to pre-Geneva 1864

Targeting Medical Personnel and Centers

The targeting of medical personnel and centers by the Syrian and Russian regimes in Syria is unmatched in modern history and in this statement we record two hospitals that have been rendered out of commission. These two hospitals were the last operating hospitals in their respective areas.
The Syrian regime’s strategy has become glaringly blatant where the regime targets hospitals, markets, and schools in the areas that are out of its control in order to force the residents to agree to a settlement that would end in them being forcibly displaced to north of Syria or abroad. The international community is still watching as the demographic change is taking place in Syria with only some statements of condemnation and threats that are seen by the Syrian and Iranian regimes as a green light to continue their crimes.

Fadel Abdul Ghani, chairman of SNHR, says:
“There is no difference between threating residents with a white weapon or a firearm or leveling their houses directly to force them to immigrate and flee and besieging, bombing, and targeting their houses, hospitals, and vital facilities for months or even years. The final outcome will always be the same: forced displacement and demographic change.”

On Wednesday 5 October 2016, government forces targeted several areas in Al Hama and Khan Al Sheih towns in Damascus suburbs governorate with barrel bombs and mortar shells. The bombardment resulted in damages to two hospitals which are Al Salam hospital in Al Hama town and the Martyr Dr. Ziad Al Beqaa’ie in Khan Al Sheih town.
As we recorded, Al Salam hospital was targeted with two barrel bombs that killed two medical personnel and heavily damaged the hospital building and equipment such as the general anesthesia machine and the ultrasound machine. Additionally, the bombing rendered the hospital out of commission temporarily as the hospital is the only hospital in Al Hama town.

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