The Syrian Network for Human Rights urges Europe to stop the onslaught in Aleppo

the onslaught in Aleppo

The Head of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Mr Fadel Abdul Ghany, met last week in Brussels with senior EU officials and diplomats, including members of the European Commission, as well as the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speaking following the visit, Mr Ghany said:
“During my meetings I urged European partners to take all necessary steps to protect civilians in Aleppo and across Syria. There are credible options on the table for Europe to increase the pressure on the Assad regime and its allies, notably Russia and Iran, who are leading the onslaught in Aleppo and who are at the centre of preventing an end to the conflict. Measures should include the imposition of targeted sanctions against Russia as well as the review of Europe’s economic ties with Iran to prevent the sale of items used in the perpetration of war crimes in Syria.

“The strategy employed by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran in Syria is clear: a military solution. Only by imposing credible consequences on the Assad regime and its allies, can the international community pave the way to a political solution in Syria. The dire situation in Aleppo proves once again that it is time for Europe to uphold its responsibility to protect civilians across Syria and lead the way to a new international response to ease the suffering of the Syrian people.
“Accountability is key for the future of Syria and I welcome the Belgium government’s leadership”, continues Mr Ghany, “to work closely with their Benelux allies to lead the pursuit of justice for Syrians in efforts at the UN General Assembly and at the European level.”

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