Most Notable Violations in March 2017

International Coalition Forces were the Most Significant Party in many Violations

Violations in March 2017

SNHR has released eight reports in early April 2017, documenting the most notable violations at the hands of the seven parties of the conflict in Syria in March 2017 – Civilian death toll, victims due to torture, toll of arbitrary arrests, most notable violations against medical and civil defense personnel and their respective facilities, most notable violations against media activists, most notable massacres, most notable incidents of attack on vital civilian facilities, and toll of barrel bombs use.
These reports draw upon the daily documentation processes during Marc\h, where SNHR, through its scattered members throughout Syria, monitors all violations by the parties to the conflict, and publish most notable news, before releasing a preliminary death toll at the end of each day. For more information, please see our documentation and archiving methodology.
The report “1134 Civilians Killed in March 2017”, which documents the civilian death toll at the hands of the parties of the conflict, notes that 260 civilians were killed by the international coalition forces, where for the first time, the international coalition forces have killed more civilians than Russian forces and ISIS since the start of the international coalition’s intervention in Syria on September 23, 2014.

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