Brief Report: Videos Showing Torture and Extrajudicial Executions Evidently Carried Out by Syrian Democratic Forces

The United States Have to Call on The Party They Support to Cease Atrocities

Syrian Democratic Forces

Before the Democratic Union Party (The Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s Syrian branch) founded the Kurdish Self-Management, the party’s forces (People’s Protection Units, Asayesh) committed a wide range of violations that we monitored in several reports, in addition to reports by international organization (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch) and a number of local organizations. The approach continued after the Kurdish Self-Management and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were formed (some news reports contended that American officials imposed that name as an alternative to “Self-Management”). However, all of these names are fundamentally based on the Kurdish Democratic Union Party with the addition of nominal Arabic and Syriac parties.
Since the start of 2016, we have recorded a notable excessiveness in the severity of torture methods and a rise in the number of victims killed by SDF. Some of these violations exhibited ethnic characteristics, where we recorded a number of accounts from survivors who confirmed to SNHR that they were abducted and tortured. We have also acquired documents that prove that they were subjected to torture at SDF detention centers, and we published some of these documents in our report on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
Recently, a number of videos surfaced online that show armed fighters whose uniforms and dialect, as well as the nature of the video itself and other aspects, suggest that they are affiliated with SDF. The video showed these fighters brutally torturing detainees, as the videos bore a similarity to the videos that showed fighters from Syrian regime forces. Also, the video show acts of killing through direct executions with no trial, and the everlasting charge is being affiliated to ISIS in a manner that is similar to the accusations of supporting and funding terror. These charges only serve as a pretext that justify torturing, disfiguring, and killing the offender without any evidences or judicial and moral restraints. We have copies of this videos on secret, secured services, as well as the source that originally published the videos.

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