SNHR welcomes Recent Human Rights Council Resolution Affirming That Syria is an Insecure Country

Only Six Countries, All Hostile to Human Rights and Democracy, Voted for the Syrian Regime

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Paris – Syrian Network for Human Rights:

On Friday, 7 October 2022 the UN Human Rights Council, during its 51st session, adopted its resolution included in document A/HRC/51/L.18, which condemned the grave human rights situation throughout Syria; this resolution also demanded that the Syrian regime fulfill its responsibility to protect Syrians and to respect and protect the human rights guaranteed to all persons under its jurisdiction, including detainees and their families. In addition, the document also said that the Syrian regime bears primary responsibility for the detention and disappearance of tens of thousands of forcibly disappeared, missing and detained persons in Syria.

The resolution affirmed the continuation of the deadly acts of violence to which the Syrian people are subjected, and stated that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in Syria. It touched upon the continuing suffering of civilians from the repercussions of the conflict, as well as from being targeting them and the civilian objects, which are vital for their survival, by deliberate and indiscriminate attacks by all parties to the conflict, especially by the Syrian regime and its states and non-states allies.

The resolution called for the delivery of necessary humanitarian aid without any hindrance, as there are about 14.6 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid, pointing out that the humanitarian crisis has worsened due to the escalation of hostilities in the recent period; in this regard, the resolution said that the period of six months guaranteed by Security Council resolution 2642 of July 2022 The UN cross-border humanitarian assistance is short and insufficient given the growing humanitarian needs and vital importance of cross-border assistance for the survival of more than 4.5 million Syrians. The resolution stated that UN cross-border humanitarian assistance has no alternative that can match its scope and size.

The resolution called on the Syrian regime to protect the human rights guaranteed to the returning refugees and internally displaced persons, especially in light of the conclusion of the Commission of Inquiry, in its latest report, that the Syrian regime has not yet provided a safe and stable environment that guarantees the sustainable and dignified return of refugees or displaced people outside Syria, who are estimated to be more than seven million and who have been forced to flee Syria, and more than seven million people who have been internally displaced since the beginning of the conflict. It also called on the parties to the conflict to cease any violations that could cause further displacement.
Through this resolution, the Human Rights Council again called on the Syrian regime to immediately release the detainees and forcibly disappeared in Syria, and to provide their families with accurate and correct information about their fate and whereabouts. It called for more support for the families of the missing in Syria, including the forcibly disappeared, who face real threats to their safety during their search for their missing loved ones. It also demanded that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria be held accountable.

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