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International Panel Discussion: HLP Rights in Syria


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The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) cordially invites you to attend an international panel discussion on housing, land, and property (HLP) rights in Syria, which is set to be held in Paris, France on Thursday, October 19, 2023, at 15:00 Syria time/14:00 CET. Through this event, we aim to raise awareness of the intricacies of this issue and highlight the fruits of SNHR’s work in this field over the past year. The panel will feature a number of stakeholders and experts who will provide in-depth insight into the issues related to HLP rights, with a particular focus on Homs governorate as a case study. The panelists will also discuss the best strategies for tackling the ongoing violations related to HLP rights as the armed conflict in Syria continues.

The Syrian regime, as well as the other parties to the conflict in Syria, is guilty of a multitude of grave violations, many of which have had a severe impact on HLP rights; these include forced displacement, destruction, extrajudicial killing, and enforced disappearance. In the Syrian regime’s case, SNHR estimates that approximately 14 million Syrian citizens have been adversely affected to date by the laws and legislative articles promulgated by the regime. It is of the utmost importance that we acknowledge and recognize the sheer magnitude of these crimes and the vast number of victims affected, and understand what profound and grave ramifications these issues have on the political process, the stability of Syria, and our mission to achieve accountability and justice for the victims.


  • Provide a detailed explanation of the Syrian regime’s practices through which it was able to gain absolute control over HLP rights.
  • Highlight the results of SNHR’s project tackling the violations of HLP rights in Homs governorate, including an analysis of forced displacement and destruction.
  • Submit recommendations to stakeholders, including international organizations and governments, which could help to combat violations of HLP rights in Syria, and support individuals and affected communities.
  • Encourage active international parties to increase their efforts in documenting violations of HLP rights in Syria, and support accountability and justice for the victims of these violations.


Brigitte Curmi, Ambassador for Syria, France

Stefan Schneck, Special Envoy for Syria, Germany

Anna Burt, the Syria Lead of the UK mission in Geneva, UK

Fadel Abdul Ghany, Executive Director, SNHR

Marie Forestier, Senior Syria Advisor, European Institute of Peace

Moderator: Assaad Alachi

Venue: Paris, France

To attend the event via Zoom, please fill out the following form:


The event will be conducted in English, with Arabic interpretation available.

You can also watch the event live on SNHR’s social media channels:

SNHR Twitter

SNHR Facebook

SNHR YouTube

For any inquires, you can contact Mr. Abdullah Bassam at:

[email protected]


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