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A Joint Statement by Syrian Civil Society Organizations and Victims’ Associations Welcoming the Paris Criminal Court’s Ruling to Sentence Three High-Ranking Syrian Security Officials to Life Imprisonment in the Dabbagh Case


Victims’ and families’ associations gathered next to the Paris Criminal Court on May 21, 2024, holding photos of relatives who have been detained or disappeared in Syria. © 2024 Alice Autin/Human Rights Watch
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Paris, 4 June 2024 – On May 24, 2024, the Paris Criminal Court issued a life imprisonment sentence against three high-ranking Syrian security officials close to Bashar al-Assad: Major General Ali Mamlouk, Major General Jamil al-Hassan, and Brigadier General Abdel Salam Mahmoud. They were convicted of complicity in committing crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Syrian-French nationals Mazzen and Patrick Dabbagh.

This ruling came after four days of hearing testimonies from experts and survivors from the Investigation Branch of the Air Force Intelligence Department detention center at Mezzeh Airport. The evidence presented over eight years proved the responsibility of these officials for the crimes. Mazzen and Patrick were detained and forcibly disappeared in 2013. Death certificates were issued for them by the Syrian government in 2018, after they were killed as a result of torture and ill-treatment.

This trial is the first of its kind in France, holding high-level Syrian officials accountable for their crimes.

We, the undersigned Syrian civil society organizations and victims and survivors’ associations, welcome this ruling. It represents an important step on the path to justice and reaffirms the ongoing efforts to combat impunity until all perpetrators of violations in Syria are held accountable and the victims are given justice and adequate compensation.

We also extend our sincere thanks for the courage and determination shown by the witnesses and the Dabbagh family in reaching this ruling. We eagerly anticipate the day when Syrian men and women can seek justice in their own courts, for we believe that true justice is the foundation of the peace and stability we all aspire to achieve.


  1. Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR)
  2. Alsharq News
  3. Amal Healing and Advocacy Center
  4. Assyrian Society for Helping and Development
  5. Badael
  6. Baytna pour le soutien de la société civile
  7. Caesar Families Association
  8. chemical violations documentation center and research
  9. Deirna Organization
  10. Family of Truth and Justice
  11. Fraternity foundation for Human Rights-FFHR
  12. Free Syrian lawyers Association -FSLA
  13. Global Organization for Civil Society (GLOCA)
  14. Humanitarian care charity
  15. Justice for peace
  16. LACU
  17. Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights LDHR
  18. Local Development and Small-Projects Support (LDSPS)
  19. Local Development Organization
  21. Mizan Organisation for Legal Research and Human Rights
  22. MPFG
  23. Multifaith Alliance
  24. Musawa
  25. Observatory of Political and Economic Networks
  26. Office of the Wounded and Missing Persons Affairs
  27. Pro-justice
  28. PÊL- Civil Waves
  29. SADAD Humanitarian Organization
  31. Synergy Association for Victims
  32. Syria spring team
  33. Syrian Archive
  34. Syrian British Consortium
  35. Syrian center for legal studies and research
  36. Syrian Center for Policy Research
  37. Syrian Community Romania
  38. Syrian Forum
  39. Syrian Network for Human Rights – SNHR
  40. Syrians for Truth and Justice
  41. The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM)
  42. The Syrian Legal Development Programme
  43. The White Helmets
  44. Together For Algarniya
  45. Union of Free Syrian Students
  46. Union of Revolutionary Bureaus
  47. We Dared to Dream “Action for Sama”
  48. Women Now for Development
  49. Zoom in Association


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