Dropping of Euphrates River Water Level Threatening thousands of residents

driverSNHR is following the effects of the dropping of Euphrates River water level on the Syrian side starting from Jarables, a border city with Turkey, to Euphrates Dam and the Artificial Lake (Al-Assad Lake) that is along an 84-Km area. The water level reached in the beginning of June 5 m less than what it is supposed to be.
Euphrates River, Euphrates Dam, and the Arterial Lake are considered the main source of water for the eastern and northern areas. That water is used to irrigate the crops and drinking.
This continuous level dropping might, with the continuous increase in temperature, spell a disaster on the growing season in the eastern area which is the food basket of Syria and represents also an imminent threat to the electricity and water services in Arraqa, Deir-Azzor, Al-Hasaka, and Aleppo.