The Wounded in Syria…. An Endless Pain

WoundedThe preparation of this report took nine months in which our teams inside Syria and abroad (some of SNHR team members are doctors who work at field-hospitals) conducted tens of visits to hospitals, camps, and shelling locations. Furthermore, tens of doctors and wounded were interviewed.
Afterwards, we took some approximate statistical samples from various Syrian governorates, then we put these samples together to get an approximate number of the wounded and injured from the beginning of the Syrian revolution to this day. Despite the huge efforts that were made to prepare this report, we believe that this report covers only a small portion of the actual numbers of the wounded and injured in Syria and abroad given that there are new dozens of wounded who are being recorded every day in addition to the new victims who are falling on hourly basis.
What even makes the wounded treatment more difficult is the considerable cost of the medical operations due to the fact that the Syrian government doesn’t allow the UN or any of its main institutions to deliver medical aids into the areas that were shelled. The powerlessness of the International Community, represented in The Security Council, to deliver the aids to the affected area for more than three years reflects an explicit indicator of the Security Council’s failure, thus it is undeniably a main responsible of the wounds of the Syrian people who will be suffering from these disabilities for decades.