International Day in Support of Victims of Torture in Syria


Every day, SNHR team documents no less than six people killed under torture inside the official and unofficial detention centers. This number represents the daily average of victims who are killed under torture. Those victims are among more than 215,000 prisoners in addition to 85 thousand enforced-disappeared at least
The Syrian regime doesn’t distinguish between physicians, engineers, or humanitarian activists as everybody is being treated by the same methodology inside the four security branches.
Among the arrested are under-aged children whom are being tortured brutally. Furthermore, Women have been subjected to torture including sexual violence and sexual extortion for the simplest things like going to the bathroom or having decent food.
SNHR has documented since the beginning of the revolution the killing of no less than 4853 people under torture including 93 children and 32 women.
;”>“The terrifying number of torture victims indicates that torturing is a systematic policy for the Syrian regime. Torturing during armed conflicts is a violation of the International Humanitarian Law and the International Criminal Law. The acts of torture committed by the Syrian regime and its pro militias can be openly classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity. The International Community, represented by the Security Council, should protect the Syrians from torture in its various forms.”
The most brutal security branches are: Military Intelligence branch no. 215 and branch no. 227, Air Force Intelligence branch in Mazzeh, Political Security and Air Force Intelligence branches in Aleppo, Military Force branch in Homs, and Air Force Intelligence branch in Hama.
2012 constitution doesn’t tolerate torture as it states:
“It is prohibited to torture or treat anyone humiliatingly; punishment of doing the same is determined in accordance with the provisions of the law.” In addition, article 391 of the Syrian Criminal Code suggests that anyone who beats someone using unallowable ways in order to get a confession or information is to be sentenced to 3 months-3 years.
This has not been implemented in the slightest as any other laws adopted by the Syrian regime or any conventions and truces it has signed. Additionally, Decree 46 of the year 2008 granted policemen, Political Security branches, and customs control impunity regardless of the crimes they perpetrate as it assigns their trials exclusively to the military judiciary and it also grants the right to sue them exclusively to the minister of justice. To this day we haven’t heard about any lawsuit against any officer or military personnel of any rank despite the thousands of crimes they perpetrated.

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