IS might perpetrate retaliatory massacres in Der Ezzor

Der EzzorWhat is more dangerous is that IS has issued a 24 hours cautionary notice where it said that all the residents of the rebellious towns must leave before the given period of time ends or they will be considered military targets.
Der Ezzor countryside is one of the areas that didn’t witness significant displacing unlike most of the majority of the Syrian cities that suffered from displacing because of the Syrian regime’s shelling that destroyed more than 850,000 building over the last three years. Even though some of the local battalions have declared their loyalty to IS, the faction didn’t manage to take over Der Ezzor at the beginning of July 2014 except through intimidation, oppression, genocides, and hanging heads to terrorize the residents in addition to its heavy and somewhat modern arsenal compared to the local rebels, who thousands of have displaced to Damascus countryside and Daraa in order to protect themselves and their families from IS’s shelling. Thus, IS has become more of an occupying power that displaces people, terrorizes them, and takes over their homes.