SNHR Nominates Sirin Mathloum Na’san, Who Highlights the Suffering of Syria’s Children Through Art, for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2022

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Paris – Syrian Network for Human Rights:

Building on the years-long warm, collaborative relationship between the world-renowned KidsRight Foundatoin and the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), SNHR has nominated Sirin Mathloum Na’san, an outstanding 13-year-old Syrian-Kurdish children’s rights activist, for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2022 in acknowledgment of her exceptional efforts in supporting her peers and highlighting their suffering in the midst of the armed conflict in Syria. We are delighted and honored to reveal that our nomination has been accepted, and, as such, Sirin will be one of 170 boys and girls from across the globe to be nominated for this great honor. Sirin has our utmost gratitude and all our wishes for her success.

Thirteen-year-old Sirin Mathloum Na’san, from Afrin city, Aleppo suburbs, has dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of children just like herself. Her passion for her work led her to become involved in a multitude of artistic and community events aimed at children, in which she shared her diverse talents, such as drawing, music, and singing, with other children. Among the activities she’s participated in were visits to IDPs camps and musical and singing events with other children, who played and sang for freedom and peace. Additionally, Sirin has a talent for drawing, where she showcased her works in art exihbitions with other children who, through their art, expressed their dreams and highlighted their realities and the reality of other children.

Sirin has provided support for other children who were and still are affected by the fallouts of the armed conflict in Syria. She appeared in live streams to broadcast her message for supporting other children, through partaking with them in art events, and advocate for freedom and peace. Sirin is a native speaker of both Arabic and Kurdish, which she put to use to broadcast her appeals to the world. “Stop the war,” she said in one video. “…We want for the children of Syria to have their basic rights just like all other children in the world.” Further, Sirin has joined a local band and played with her fellow musicians many songs in support of children’s rights in warzones, as well as in support for freedom and peace.

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