Documentation of Talbisa Massacre in Rif Homs

Talbisa Massacre

Incident details:
Talbisa is located in the north of Homs city on the International Road that cross Syria from the north to the south, and is the ancient convoys’ road, Talbisa iis 13km from Homs.
Talbisa is the fourth city of Homs Governorate behind Palmyra, Qusair, and Al Rastan, with a population of over 40 thousand.

An eyewitness Prof. Walid told us that on Monday, December 24 and from the early morning government forces (Army, Security forces, local and foreign Shiites militias) fired mortar shells and Fozdika artillery heavily and randomly on the residential neighborhoods, this was accompanied with the hovering of helicopters that dropped barrels of TNT on the civilians’ houses leading to the injuries of many of them, and in the afternoon the Mig warplanes flew in the city sky and fired 6 missiles targeting the bakery were the people were gathered to make some money due to the difficult living circumstance resulted from the siege imposed on the city.
Causing a massacre in my town were 15 victims were killed, I know 4 of them that were our neighbors, there was also 4 children from one family (Al Yahia family sons of Majid Al Yahia) and 5 victims from the same family (Al Naji family).

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