Military Security Branch in Homs kills dozens every death under torture and then bury the bodies

Military Security Branch in Homs kills
Syrian Network for Human Rights documented at least 2571 Syrian citizens have been tortured to death after detention in all of Syrian Governorates including 84 children and 25 women.
As well as SNHR documented by name, photo, video, time and place, the killing of 673 citizens from Homs Governorates tortured to death after got arrested by Security and tortured , and these number does not include those who couldn’t document, cause security forces buries their bodies.
We would like to indicate that this is what we could document by name, photo and place of arrest, and there are hundreds of cases that we couldn’t document.
There are no evidences of Military Security Branch’s Acts , which located in Mahatta neighborhood ( branch 235 ) and headed by Mohamad Zamrinin, it is one of the cruelest and brutal security branches in torturing arrested in Homs city, and it is responsible for the following neighborhoods :
Karam Alshami neighborhood, Al Khudor neighborhood, Mahatta neighborhood, and Al Midan neighborhood
Survivors of torture had told us that they were subjected to very brutal and cruel violence methods, and that number of their friends killed under torture before their eyes .