A weak reaction from the international community as the Syrian regime expands its use of cluster bombs

A weak reaction from the international community

As the Syrian Network for Human Rights continues to report the daily violations in Syria carried out by the Syrian regime, we began documenting the recent use of internationally prohibited weaponry and munitions such as cluster bombs which are now used more frequently after the release of the re
port published by our colleagues at the Human Rights Watch.

On Monday 15-10-2012, we documented the use of these cluster bombs by the Syrian regime in six different areas in four separate provinces from the South in Daraa, stretching all the way to the North in Aleppo. The bombs targeted civilian areas where none belonged to the Free Syrian Army and they were:

Province of Daraa, southern areas on bordering villages
Province of Damascus, in the cities of Rankous and Misraba
Province of Idlib, in the city of M’arat Al-Ni’man
Province of Aleppo, cities of Al-Baab and Orme Al-Sughra (Minor Orme)

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