Documentation of al Bab City Massacre in Aleppo Suburbs


Al Bab city is a strategic area and a linked point between Aleppo, Manbej and the two crossing points of Turkey (Al Ra’e and Bab Al Salama), and between Khanaser and Al Sfareh, in addition to Tadef and Qabasein.
Tadef town is affiliated to to Al Bab city in Aleppo governorate in the eastern side.
Al Bab city and the neighboring Tadef town were targeted in a bombardment using barrel bombs by helicopter affiliated to Syrian government forces as three barrel bombs were dropped on civilian residential areas, while the investigation couldn’t find any military points or military vehicles in these areas.
At the same time with the bombardment, clashes intensified at the entrance of Al Bab city and Tadef town between armed opposition elements and ISIS which obstructed the aiding of the injured and increased their suffering.
The report methodology relays on the investigation carried out by SNHR’s team in Aleppo city with the residents and activists on Al Bab city and Tadef town. The report contains three accounts of eyewitnesses in addition to news and pictures sent by cooperating activists from the city.

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