Cluster weapons must be destroyed as well

Cluster Weapons
With the beginning of 2014, the Syrian regime has escalated unprecedentedly its use of the internationally-prohibited cluster bombs as if the Syrian regime was substitutes it for the chemical weapons, in the first three months it targeted different areas of Syria to leave thousands of tiny bombs that didn’t detonate yet which will represent serious dangers for decades to come. At any rate the percentage of the civilians of the total number of victims has exceeded 90%.

In Feburary, 17, 2014 the Syrian government forces targeted Aqrabyat town in Hama northern countryside as we documented in a previous report.
In 18-19 February Kafr Zyta town was targeted as we documented in a previous report.
Also in February Yabroud, where ongoing clashes were taking place, was targeted more than 6 times with cluster bombs.
In 23 and 25 March, 2014 Khan Shikhoun in Idlib countryside was attacked several times with cluster bombs.
In 25 March the Syrian government attacked Kafr Zyta again with cluster bombs.

Fadel Abdulghani, head of SNHR, says:
“The Security Council must issue a resolution to destroy the Syrian regime’s arsenal of cluster bombs similar to the chemical weapons case. The Syrian regime have been using cluster bombs frequently in the past months in defiance to a 112 state that condemned these acts in the UN General Assembly.”

The Syrian regime used cluster bombs to attack 9 Syrian governorates including tens of areas, these attack killed 139 at least including 58 children at a rate of 48% and 14 women at a rate of 12%, in total the women and children victims represented 60% of the total number of victims who was killed by cluster bombs. Additionally the civilian men victims were 67; only four of them were rebels at a rate of 2.5%. This concludes that the percentage of civilian victims who was killed by cluster bombs is 97%.

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