Ten Medics were Killed in November 2014

Ten Medics

Executive Summary
SNHR methodology is based on collecting direct testimonies by survivors or victims’ families in addition to analyzing and verifying photos, video footages, and some medical records. However, we can’t claim that we’ve documented all the incidents in light of the ban and pursuit by the Syrian regime and other armed groups.

The consistent shelling and targeting of medical facilities and medical teams since 2011 by government forces indicates a systematic policy that only aims to kill more victims and deepens the suffering of the injured civilians and rebels.
In November, SNHR documented the killing of ten medics as follows:
A. Government forces: killed five medics:
• One doctor (died under torture. It is verified that doctors are tortured specifically more than other prisoners).
• Two nurses (one of them died under torture)
• Two medics
B. Armed opposition: Killed one doctor
C. Unidentified groups: killed four medics including one woman

A. Government forces
1- Doaa’ Na’sa, female nurse, from Homs – Al-Wa’r neighborhood, killed on 3 November, 2014 by a surface-to-surface missile that fell on the clinic that she work at in Al-Wa’r neighborhood.
2- Samira Ahmad As-Sahli, female nurse, from Damascus – Al-Yarmouk camp, 53-year-old, she was arrested by the Syrian regime forces on 11 June, 2014 because of her relief and medical activism, her family learned that she died under tortures inside one of the Syrian regime detention centers on 8 November, 2014.