The Death of 6 Media Activists, One Media Activist Abducted, and 5 Others Injured, Toll of April 2015

6 Media Activists

1. Executive Summary:
Violations against media activist for this month are as follow:
1- Killing: SNHR documented the death of 6 media activist killed-by as follow:
– Government forces: killed 4 media activist, 3 of them died under torture in detention centers
– Extremists groups:
• ISIS: killed 2 media activists
2- Abduction and Arrest: SNHR recorded one case of abduction.
– Government forces: released a media activist
– Extremists groups:
• An-Nussra Front: SNHR recorded one abduction case
– YPG: released a media activist

3- Injuries: SNHR recorded 5 injuries, inflicted-by as follow:
– Government forces: 3 injuries recorded
– Extremists groups:
• ISIS: one injury recorded
• An-Nussra Front: one case of assault and torture recorded
4- Assaulting properties:
– Government forces: 2 assault incidents recorded
– Extremists groups:
• An-Nussra Front: 3 assault incidents recorded
– Armed opposition factions: 2 assault incidents recorded

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